Safeguarding our customers in the sale of Extended Warranties.

We want our customers to be given all the facts so that you can make an informed choice on your purchase. The following information acts as a guide on our Extended Warranties:

Why do I need to cover my appliance?

When you, as a customer, makes a purchase, whether major or minor, you put trust in the brands, retailer and manufacturing that goes into supplying this appliance. On occasion you may find that some or the purchases go faulty after a period of time. There are different factors that need to be considered:

- Usage,

- Environment.

- Economy

Does this Extended Warranty affect my legal rights?

The contents of the Extended Warranty does not affect your legal rights, which include the right to a remedy for defective goods.

What if I have Household Insurance?

Some household Insurance policies offer Insurance for appliance but:

I have Multi-appliance and Credit Card Insurance

Some customers may have already purchased or been given cover that will extend to appliances in the home.

Please keep in mind the following:

Can I purchase an extended guarantee or support package from someone else?

If the appliance is replaced, is the remainder of the Extended Warranty cancelled?

If the appliance is replaced we will transfer the balance of the Extended Warranty to the replacement product.

Are we saying that certain brands of appliances are prone to failure?

Cancellation / Cooling off period Rights

Are their any exclusions?

Yes, but these are kept to a sensible minimum. Cover does not include cleaning, tuning, batteries, blockages, misuse or accidental breakage and the like. Your household insurance may give you cover against accidental breakage, fire, theft, flood.

How do I make a claim?

You simply call the claims helpline as detailed on your Extended Warranty documents.